Language learning is the most strategic enabler for
international business today


average miscommunication costs a year to a company due to language barriers1.


of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their L&D2


of language learners report higher levels of engagement and enjoyment in the workplace3

Testvers Corporate Language Solutions

50% of the world's language learners are learning English, and that's our specialty. So whether you're
recruiting for customer-facing roles, connecting international workforces or boosting employee motivation,
we can help.

How Testvers Corporate Language Solutions work

Testvers Corporate Language Solutions provides everything you need to drive your business forward

Recruitment and advancement

- Invest in our automated language tests to streamline your recruitment process.
- Easily measure the quality of your candidates' English and suitability for the role.
- Also used to evaluate the effectiveness of employee language training.

Self-paced skills development

- Upskill your workforce with a ground-breaking immersive language learning platform.
- Allow employees to learn at their own pace in and out of the office.
- Great for skills development and as part of an employee reward program.

Instructor-led skills development

- Business Partner – for those wanting to develop professional English language for success in the workplace.
-Step Up – for those wanting to develop the soft skills needed to standout in the workplace.

“The Versant tests helped us standardize and scale up our recruitment process, which led to significant improvement in the quality of hires on communication skills.”

Abraham Zachariah, Global Head, Learning and Development, Cognizant BPS

Fast-track your employees'

Get unbiased insights into candidates' English skills, personalize learning and
development recommendations, and track your employees' progress in English.

We're trusted by world-leading organisations

Why partner with Testvers?

Free onboarding toolkits

Contains co-branded materials to highlight the benefits of our program to your leadership team and employees. You'll also have access to our efficacy team, who are here to help you design.

Join our vibrant language learning community

Get inspired, feel supported and benefit from thought leadership webinars, research and blogs.

World-leading customer service

We guarantee a local language response from our highly trained and experienced experts within 48 hours. We are proud to say that 90% of customer queries are resolved first time.