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Upcoming webinars

'I teach PTE Academic' Overcoming listening challenges

Presenter(s): Kamil Petryk
This webinar will focus on how to help learners embrace common listening challenges, including speed of delivery, a lack of visual clues, complex or unfamiliar topics and difficulty recognizing individual words and sounds.
Date:Tuesday, 11th July
Time: 14:00 IST / 10:30 CET / 18:30 AEST

'I teach PTE Academic' Overcoming writing challenges

Presenter(s): Kamil Petryk
In this webinar, we explore the timed writing element of PTE Academic and how to set up learners to succeed. Covering challenges such as finding the right words to express their ideas, how to organize their thoughts and exploring different writing formats and styles.
Date:Tuesday, 15th August
Time: 14:00 IST / 10:30 CET / 18:30 AEST

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